Sell My Music on iTunes

Sell My Music On iTunes

Sell My Music On iTunesIf you are an independent artist looking for a dependable music distributor, iTunes is worth considering. By using iTunes, you can get your songs in front of the right audience at the perfect time, and you will be pleased with the result.

Before you get started, it’s vital you learn the basics so that you can decide if this path makes sense for you and your vision. You will soon have a clear picture of what steps to take so that you can reach the outcome for which you have been hoping.

[typography font=”Actor” size=”28″ color=”#ff5500″ size_format=”px”]The Requirements[/typography]

A lot of people want to sell music on iTunes but are discouraged when they learn the requirements. This section covers the things you need when you want to publish music on iTunes without going through an agency.

Even if you don’t meet these requirements, you have other options at your disposal. In addition to verifying you have at least 20 albums, iTunes also requires you to have a universal product code and an international standard recording code.

You will also need a computer running OS X if you are interested in taking this path to get your music online.

[typography font=”Actor” size=”28″ color=”#ff5500″ size_format=”px”]Use an Apple-Approved Aggregator[/typography]

If you are like many other independent artists who don’t meet Apple’s strict requirements, you are not out of luck yet.

Those who still want to use iTunes as a music distribution platform can reach out to an Apple-approved aggregator. These companies work with you and Apple to get your music on the platform without stress.

Look at the fees and terms of each one to decide how you would like to move forward. While one music distributor might charge a commission for each song you sell, others charge an annual fee. Opting for a commission-based system is wise if you sell fewer than 1,000 songs each year.

[typography font=”Actor” size=”28″ color=”#ff5500″ size_format=”px”]Final Thoughts[/typography]

While Apple makes you jump through hoops to access its music distribution service, you can simplify the process by using an aggregation company.

These companies have already met the requirements and help you get your music on iTunes as quickly as possible. Taking the things you would like to achieve into account when you decide lets you enhance your odds of success.

Once you get the hang of the process, you will put new songs online without trouble, and your sales will gain traction before you know it. You will soon enjoy the benefits offered by iTunes and get access to the countless people who use it every day.

In addition to taking other steps to boost your results, selling your music on iTunes will help get your music career off the ground.

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