Sell My Music on Apple Music

Sell My Music On Apple Music

Sell My Music On Apple MusicSelling music as an independent artist can feel like an uphill battle. If you are serious about getting your music in front of eager fans, Apple Music could be the music distribution platform for which you have been looking.

Getting your music here puts it in front of tons of potential buyers from all parts of the world and lets you get the exposure you need to boost your results.

Getting started can be a little complex if you have never used Apple Music, but this guide will show you everything you need to begin.

[typography font=”Actor” size=”28″ color=”#ff5500″ size_format=”px”]Apple’s Requirements[/typography]

Before approaching Apple’s music distribution platform directly, learn the requirements you need to meet so that you don’t waste your time. Some people skip this step and choose a path that is not right for them.

Apple only accepts music from artists and studios that have 20 or more albums in addition to universal product codes for their songs.

The artists who have already achieved those things can take action without stress. Those who are just getting started and looking for ways to gain momentum often have trouble meeting those goals, resulting in discouragement.

If you fall short of Apple’s strict list but still wish to use the music distributor, use an aggregator.

[typography font=”Actor” size=”28″ color=”#ff5500″ size_format=”px”]Choose an Aggregator[/typography]

Choosing an aggregator is a great way to bypass Apple’s list of requirements and get your music online as quickly as possible. An aggregator is a company that meets the requirements and will do the hard part for you.

You will only need to upload the songs or albums you would like to sell, and the aggregator you enlist will do the rest. If you want to get a deal that makes sense and matches your goals, learn about the pricing options to which you will have access.

Some Apple-approved aggregators charge a commission for each sale you earn. Others only charge an annual fee you must pay at the anniversary of your signup date. If you sell fewer than 1,000 songs every 12 months, opt for a company that charges a small commission to maximize your earnings.

[typography font=”Actor” size=”28″ color=”#ff5500″ size_format=”px”]Final Thoughts[/typography]

New artists often face many roadblocks when trying to find a dependable music distributor to showcase their songs.

Combat that problem and get your music in front of the right audience with Apple Music.

If you have already experienced some success in your music career, you can work directly with Apple to upload and distribute your songs.

You can, on the other hand, use an aggregator if you need help getting started, and you will get your music career moving in the right direction before long.

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