COMING HOME (Expanded Edition) - USHER

COMING HOME (Expanded Edition)


  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Release Date: 2024-02-09
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 22
  • Album Price: 14.99
  • ℗ 2024 mega/gamma.
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Title Artist Time
Coming Home USHER & Burna Boy 3:15
Good Good USHER, Summer Walker & 21 Savage 4:07
A-Town Girl (feat. Latto) USHER 3:32
Cold Blooded USHER & The-Dream 3:16
Kissing Strangers USHER 3:08
Keep On Dancin' USHER 3:11
Risk It All (From the Original USHER & H.E.R. 3:21
Bop USHER 3:42
Stone Kold Freak USHER 3:34
Ruin USHER & Pheelz 3:01
On the Side USHER 3:03
I Am the Party USHER 3:39
I Love U USHER 3:17
Please U USHER 2:58
Luckiest Man USHER 3:21
Margiela USHER 3:44
Room In a Room USHER 2:17
One of Them Ones USHER 3:13
Standing Next to You (USHER Re Jung Kook & USHER 3:34
Believe USHER 3:31
Naked USHER 4:42


  • Its alright

    By koolKeith100
    Usher is a legend but this album has to many songs and only few good ones and the best song on here is risk it all feat H.E R imo. He should have choose quality over quanity.
  • Bringing back the relevancy of this genre!

    By The Unknown Known
    Usher has always been strategist and calculated when it came to putting out albums. When he got the opportunity to perform at this year’s superbowl proves my point. With that being said I was very enthusiastically and anticipating for this album to be released. The past and present recording artists in the game as of right now did their best to keep the authenticity of this genre. But it still very little things they lack of such as ballads and bridges. To my honest humble opinion this album brought it back. When you hear songs such as “Believe”, “BOP”, “Please U” and “I love U”. Who would known Usher be on a Afrobeats record. The song is fire. There was only two songs I didn’t like it might have to grow on me. Shoutout to Usher for paying homage to MJ the king of Pop and James Brown during his Super Bowl performance. And paying respect to his drummer that transition as of late. Overall solid album welcome back bruh. Keep R+B what it originally produced. As of today it has been watered down way to long!
  • He’s alive?

    By EwMermaid
    Never understood how this guys famous,
  • Disappointed

    By Soo Addictive yeah
    I like one song. ONE. I know a lot of work goes into making music but come on Usher, your stuff was really good in the past. Almost every song leaves much to be desired and sounds pretty much the same. I’m so upset. I expected more.
  • Usher Puts R&B Back on Top

    By Sandy N. Beachy
    Just when I thought it was a dying genre, Usher taps back into his roots and gives us his best album yet. His voice shows a level of maturity and depth that only comes with experience. He mixes in his appreciation for hiphop and African beats. I absolutely love this album. The lyrics show his growth as an artist and a man. It’s a sexy album without being vulgar or trying too hard. He is giving a nod to the younger, up-and-coming R&B artists with his duets with Summer Walker and H.E.R. The five-year hiatus was well worth it. This is what is sounds like to step back and re-center yourself musically. The album paints a picture and each track goes well with the others. This album will make you want to fall in love, work through the hard times, and stay in love. I have my concert ticket and can’t wait to see and hear him live.
  • Usher is amazing

    By disney_crab
    I love all the songs he has released and his vocals have improved.
  • Na fam. It's over Ursher. This wasn't it, and it still ain't it.

    By Willy 2 da G
    Bro, your album was mid, and you ain’t going to fix it by adding two tracks. Just give it up, after four disappointing albums in a row, (five if we count the one with Zaytoven), it’s just time to hang it up I think. R&B is basically dead anyway so at this point, it doesn’t really even matter anymore it’s over and you can’t relive the past and your glory days. Also...that review lol, Usher has never been called the king of r&b, where do they get these ideas, I mean how can Usher be called the king of r&b when Robert was already considered the king when Usher was in his prime? Plus he been too inconsistent since then to be the king, and he definitely won't be after this collection of mid material! Most of this album literally sounds like it should've come out in 2014!
  • Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww usher

    By Walking on sunshine1992
    I don’t like usher or his music I’m not interested in him or his music I don’t listen to his music at all ever in my life and i never will I’m not a fan of usher at all and never will be
  • So many single opportunities!

    By Chris Redmond
    Fantastic album! BIG was not necessary, but everything else is great!! I Am the Party, Believe, Bop, Naked, and Margiela are top 5.
  • People on here just troll now

    By FoxxWoods
    Don’t let idiots dissuade you when they can’t be constructive. This is a very solid and fun album tbh. Not perfect in anyway, but even the best albums aren’t perfect. I think this album needed better sequencing, but Usher sounds like he’s having fun on this record and melodically and sonically one of his most compelling albums. A few songs might need to grow on you but I think albums always need a minute to breathe and be digested. Not rushed.