Indie City Records - Michigan

Welcome to Indie City Records

All music artists submitting music must currently live in the United States. If you are from the USA or have family that lives in the USA but you do not live in the USA, do not submit your music to us.

Indie City Records goal will always be to provide great music to fans, no matter the genre of music.

All music artists submitting music:

The album or single that you want to submit to us,

must be original music or you must readily have proof of sample clearances available.

Music fans will be able to buy your music in a digital format (mp3 download) from our store. Please be aware that some of your fans only buy music from iTunes and some only buy from Amazon’s music store. We include links to other retailers selling your music within your artist profile if you sell your music at other locations as well. We simply want to enable your music fans to buy your music wherever they feel most comfortable if they do not buy music directly from you via our store.

All music artist submitting music must have at minimum one (1) album or single that will be made publicly available to buy in a digital format (mp3 download) through our store. If you have a bunch of great singles send them to us or put together a great album and send it to us.

Do Not submit your Album or Single if you have not cleared samples or do not have the necessary licenses and clearances to use the music within your album or single.

Do Not send us singles or albums of music that you do not have permission to sell. All music misuse violations and fines are your sole responsibility to take care of not ours.

We accept unsolicited music submissions but that does not mean your music is automatically guaranteed placement in our store.

Much like a brick-n-mortar record store (physical store) we do not want to fill our online store with music that does not sell. You are your number one salesperson. If you are not willing to actively promote your music, do not submit your music to us.

Weekly Commission Payout

We understand that you need your music sells commissions as quick as possible which is why we provide payouts every Friday for your music sells rather than you having to wait a month or more to get your money.

You can do a lot when you have guaranteed money coming in weekly for your music sells.

*Find additional answers to questions you may have on our FAQs page.