Episode 41 - Thor’s Angels - Dan Carlin

Episode 41 - Thor’s Angels

Dan Carlin

  • Genre: Spoken Word
  • Release Date: 2012-01-19
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1

  • ℗ 2012 Dan Carlin


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Episode 41 - Thor’s Angels Dan Carlin 3:17 USD Album Only


  • Please Charge More

    By ElliotOsgood
    Dan, In 2019 we vote with our dollar. And I want to vote for more content from you, more frequently. Please don’t hesitate to consider charging and charging more for your content (whatever you need to do to keep producing comfortably) Thank you for existing. You have a once-in-generation gift.
  • Dan Carlin is my favorite human being

    By MichaelL2020
    Dude, you rock. As for the “Thor’s Extra” first few minutes... please go with your gut on what you want to do and let everything just flow out. Anyone who says your stuff is “too long” is someone who isn’t realizing that you’re making epic volumes of periods of history that will be studied and listened to for hundreds or thousands of years. You are THE historian. I know you’re modest and say that you’re just a fan of history, but that’s partially what makes you the best. You don’t put your own political spin on it or have some agenda or nefarious bias. Consider your work a form of art (besides your incredible gift to contextualize and be unbelievably entertaining about subjects that typical historians can’t transmit so entertainingly to mass amounts of “normal” people) but that you probably won’t get the full credit you deserve until very late in your life or (so sadly) after you’re gone. You are giving an incredible gift to mankind and like I said, you are my favorite person alive. Please do things the way YOU think they should be done. Don’t let less enlightened people influence your gift to countless future generations and please know that so many of us are appreciative and are eagerly waiting for the next masterpiece you allow us to enjoy. I tell everyone about you and hope you get all the recognition you deserve. If we were a better species, you and anyone half as good as you would be the household names, not these mind numbing celebrities that contribute nothing worthwhile to advance our species. I love you man. Keep up the phenomenal work.
  • great, great, great

    By AGBrad242
    Dan find a way to breathe life into history during our modern times when most choose to ignore it. I listen to each of his podcasts multiple times and learn more each time.
  • great

    By grimz69
    love these super long podcasts its a way better format
  • Don't Be Offended

    By jwozniak
    @Dan as a Shaolin Monk would pass another, I know you'll appreciate this comment.
  • well worth 3 dollars

    By Whiskey Trooper
    3 dollars for what is in essence a 4 hour book on tape, i wish he would make all his podcasts a few hours long and just charge for them so we could get them more often. keep it up Dan