An Evening With Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager - Adam Carolla & Dennis Prager

An Evening With Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager

Adam Carolla & Dennis Prager

  • Genre: Spoken Word
  • Release Date: 2012-03-04
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 9
  • Album Price: 7.99
  • ℗ 2012 ACE Broadcasting
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Title Artist Time
Introductions - Optimism, Pess Adam Carolla & Dennis Prager 14:47
Little League, Jewish Food and Adam Carolla & Dennis Prager 15:13
Marriage, Psychology and Relig Adam Carolla & Dennis Prager 21:48
Q and A, Pt.1 Adam Carolla & Dennis Prager 21:01
Q and A, Pt. 2 Adam Carolla & Dennis Prager 13:19
Introductions (Show 2) - Balan Adam Carolla & Dennis Prager 16:44
Welfare Adam Carolla & Dennis Prager 15:54
Vices - Men Vs. Women and Hitl Adam Carolla & Dennis Prager 26:14
Q and A (Show 2) Adam Carolla & Dennis Prager 18:53


  • Hilarious!!!!!

    By Riverkat11
    This is hilarious, I just love listening to these two together.
  • Hilarious & Smart

    By K Katona
    Classy, intelligent and insightful
  • OK, but Boring

    By Pensacola888
    Prager isn't a snake oil salesman like a Dennis Prager in that I think he actually believes what he says. But listening to two guys who never disagree talk about how liberals can be good people but they're ideas are all wrong is part of the problem with politics these days. How can one compromise with someone who's wrong? How about we both have ideas that are formed by our life's experience and let's find common ground? My suggestion to Dennis and Adam, get someone smart from the left on there and have an interesting discussion rather than the hand holding this show was.
  • Very well done, just buy it

    By Averagedog
    Adam Carolla is not only funny but also has excellent point of views and very well thought out comments. Dennis Prager is very smart and works very well with Adam. The duo are very entertaining and are a perfect mix of humor and insight. Well worth the purchase.
  • The best of both worlds

    By gruvin13
    Loved it
  • Awkward

    By Brownzilla75
    I like adam carolla a lot, so I figured i'd give this a chance. However it soon becomes clear that prager is a crazy person. This is not intelligent conversation. I strongly do not recommend.
  • This guy is great.

    By The Night Rider
    I love hearing a guy tell it like it is. Or should I say it, tell it like it should be. Love this Adam Carrola. I listen to all his podcast. Just can't get enough. Thanks for putting this out Adam! Get it ON!
  • Not worth it

    By RACERSVM777
    Don't waste money.
  • Wonderful show

    By Mr. Rork
    This is completely worth the price it sells for. I haven't ever listened to Dennis before his appearance on the pod before but I would def say the showmanship of him and the ace man is incredible I want to see them perform live now. Excellent work.
  • Buy It

    By KenB925
    I'm a Carolla fan, so I bought this. It is way better then I expected. I couldn't turn it off.

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