Revival - Eminem



  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2017-12-15
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 20

  • An Aftermath/Shady/Interscope Records Release; ℗ 2017 Aftermath Records


Title Artist Time
Walk On Water (feat. Beyoncé) Eminem 5:03 USD 1.29
Believe Eminem 5:15 USD 1.29
Chloraseptic (feat. PHRESHER) Eminem 5:01 USD 1.29
Untouchable Eminem 6:10 USD 1.29
River (feat. Ed Sheeran) Eminem 3:41 USD 1.29
Remind Me (Intro) Eminem 0:26 USD 1.29
Remind Me Eminem 3:45 USD 1.29
Revival (Interlude) Eminem 0:51 USD 1.29
Like Home (feat. Alicia Keys) Eminem 4:05 USD 1.29
Bad Husband (feat. X Ambassado Eminem 4:47 USD 1.29
Tragic Endings (feat. Skylar G Eminem 4:12 USD 1.29
Framed Eminem 4:13 USD 1.29
Nowhere Fast (feat. Kehlani) Eminem 4:24 USD 1.29
Heat Eminem 4:10 USD 1.29
Offended Eminem 5:20 USD 1.29
Need Me (feat. P!nk) Eminem 4:25 USD 1.29
In Your Head Eminem 3:02 USD 1.29
Castle Eminem 4:14 USD 1.29
Arose Eminem 4:34 USD 1.29


  • Not the best album

    By N1rvana16
    On Eminem standards, not his best. But I still consider this one of the deepest, emotional albums ever. If you hate this album, you just don’t get what he’s talking about or you’re butt hurt he’s speaking fax about the U.S. and it’s government🤡🤡🤡
  • Marshall

    By Argrilicus
    You were my favorite rapper of all time. I was looking forward to your album. This… is a huge disappointment. I am genuinely sad that this album was bad. It really was.
  • great

    By Phenommm
    great album
  • Underrated. People Love To Find Flaws

    By GabrielWest
    Em has grown up. Insane rhyme schemes, humor, flow, and beats are all there. But between the political points and the new youth obsession with mumble rap, Em looks like a pop star. Don’t get it twisted though, this is still hip-hop, and still amazing. Kids just need to learn more about what it actually takes to create an album as self-aware and colorful as this one.
  • Beautifully amazing. Period.

    By Nicky rules
    This album has such deep meaning and hits hard in the realities of life. I especially love River with Ed Sheeran. Eminem is the true rapper. He’s amazing at what he can do and all his songs have a deep meaningful reason behind it. If you hate any of his songs there’s something that you just aren’t getting or you’re just so focused on finding the negatives with his songs that you aren’t getting the true meanings.
  • Trash

    Eminem’s worst album
  • Great Work Of Art

    By It won't let me use nickname
    It's a really solid, well thought out project with real artistic effort put in, I'm a fan of it
  • Hate me if you want

    but I think Revival was Em’s best album. It had many tracks with amazing verses and great beats, especially from Rick Ruben. The features, although they mostly cover the choruses were amazing, especially Beyoncé. It may take some listens but overall. This is a perfect album in my opinion.
  • 💯

    By evita****
  • Give it a few listens.

    By GARAT3
    I’m a huge Eminem fan and at first I wasn’t really feeling this album. I despised its beat selection most. Then as I listened to Revival over and over, it began to grow on me. Eminem is saying a LOT on this album. For anyone that says Eminem hasn’t had any content in his songs in his recent albums, this one is filled to the brim with content. You just have to listen to the album multiple times and steadily decipher his calculus level bars. That said, the only songs I think should not have been on the album are Need Me (Ft. P!nk), Offended, Framed and Bad Husband (Ft. X Ambassadors). With Bad Husband being the absolute worst song on this album; great concept and lyrics, but horrendous production and mixing, this song should have gone back to the drawing board. These four songs should have instead been part of a deluxe edition. Castle and Arose are two of, if not the best, story telling songs Eminem has ever written. Right up there with Stan. Castle and Arose are the best songs on Revival hands down. I know this review is kind of all over the place, but it’s like 4AM at the time of writing this out. I hope this review changes your mind about Revival or at least convinces you to give it a chance.

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