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  • Great, a must buy

    By spongebob is the best 123
    Are you a fan of the golden age of the simpsons? Then watch this show! Do you despise the simpsons and wish it had action and an actual story with lore? THEN WATCH THIS SHOW! Do you just like TV and want something good to watch, then watch this show.
  • I dont know

    By landon 124
    Idk tomcarmen why do you eat aligators
  • Mostly based on old sit coms and scifi shows.

    By Denise555000
    I enjoy watching classic shows and this was a favorite growing up. As an adult now I can see most of this series is based off of several complications of different telivision shows from the 1950's (cough Twilight series) and a collection of hauge pauge scifi shows from 1950's up to the early 2000's. While it's unique in it self it's obvious it's plagorized off of several different sifi shows thorugh out the era. I watch a lot of tv and see through it. 13 years of air time is a long time for a cartoon. I'm glad they got a license to finish it more throughouly. Even though several of the last seaons episodes are unwatchable.
  • U r great

    By poopybuttcheecks
    This is the best ringtone I’ve ever had.
  • Help

    By Zachrrrrr
    I just wish my parents would let me spend my 5$ but I can’t
  • 🥵Willy

    By willy had 27 kidss
    Good for kids
  • 5stars

    By buddy beeter
    Great season of futurama
  • Smart! Funny! Beautiful! And what a Journey!

    By Tw13ted Mind
    One of the best animated adult cartoons ever made!
  • Love it but it is weird

    By love it bit it is weird
    Love it but it is weird
  • Top 1 favorite show

    By "Bri Bri"
    I’ve watched this show back 2 back over and over and over again. Never gets old.