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  • Excellent Crime Show

    By MSeedd
    A great story line, excellent investigative puzzles, this show is a refreshing “who done it” series with strong characters and keeps viewers intrigued
  • Totally keeps my interest

    By bluedoggie48
    I enjoy watching Will Trent, season 1 so far, and have watched nine eposodes. I find my interest constantly being piqued. The main character smart, clever, and entertaining. The rest of the characters are rather stock, but believable and generally well sketched out by the assorted cast members, who bring a nicely full tub of ideosyncracys and foibles to each characters table . I have not read the books and so am not encombered by pre-conceived ideas and ecpectations.. Therefore I find it is easy for me to give this series a big thumbs up!
  • Will Trent

    By KLC/paris
    I can’t wait for the next episode each week. Love Betty. He seems very believable and you want him to succeed.
  • great tv 🍿📺

    By wellhamful
    my favorite night of the week 🙌👏👏👏
  • No thank

    By hdueijfhwkkrjeiks
    Can’t watch, why can’t the keep the characters true to the book and find some one who looks like the character in the books. Otherwise if just seems like some politically correct 2023 attempt to make some kind of statement. We want to see the characters brought to life on the screen in the way they were described and developed in the books. Joel Kinnaman should have played this character. It would have been perfect.
  • Will Trent

    By kektal
    He does an amazing job at acting! Great storyline and supporting actresses and actors!
  • Great new TV show

    By Dan Nolan
    If you like smart Crime Dramas this is your Huckleberry! Story’s are well told and each characters development is quick and interesting! Nicely done.