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  • Dugjespatnicbelale

    By doujespatnicbelale
    Absolutely enjoy the show. Would love to meet the cast especially Kevin Costner. Bucket list. You never know if they need to “have a crowd at the Governor’s speeches”. It would be great if our President in Washington DC had a back bone like Mr Denton
  • Love it!

    By TB-3
    Great show, like a modern day cowboys and Indians with a lot more drama.
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  • Where is Yellowstone?

    By CreoleMaiden
    It’s outrageous to have paid $40 for this TV show just to be cheated out of my money! Seriously, where is Yellowstone?🤨
  • اغرض على ز عفوًا ت عور انا اقول عى

    By ضعدصسرعغ(
    اعادة زار غرفتكم اغلقتا سبرينغ لاسرار
  • cool

    By 乘风破浪哼哼哈哈hhh
    very good
  • Terrible

    By aqua2321
    The season moves very slowly and not much happens per each episode, Lots of filler scenes with random new characters that end up dying before we get to know them. PLS save your money and wait until the paramount company resorts to putting it on a streaming service. It is not worth paying for and having forever
  • Anonymous

    By jeanrmad
    Yeah dude couldn’t agree more. Seriously great plot, great action, but seriously get more sexuality on the show come on. When it comes to Monica, Beth, and the other women, give us some bdsm. Seriously, especially with Monica make a guy do fifty shades of grey stuff with her. Come on.
  • Loop Hole

    By CoRneLIUS2287
    Download the app philio and do a week free trial for 7 days. Binge watch season 5 then cancel subscription before your charged. 🤫
  • 40 dollars for season pass

    By joti33
    I paid 40 dollars for the season pass and there are only 8 episodes I want my 15 dollars back. If I’d have bought the episodes individually it would have only cost 24 bucks