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  • Great series

    By Dethaven
    I love House I just wish the season were organized better. It’s all one long strip season 1-8. Usually they organized by seasons to easily access specific episodes quicker.
  • House

    By MyMac NPCC
    I’ve been in the hospital a long time so I can relate, but I’m still waiting for a doctor like House.
  • Exceptional…

    By Shawnw007
    I binge-watched this show over the course of two weeks, and each episode became more enticing after the next. Hugh Laurie is utterly magical as the favorably cantankerous protagonist. Brilliant writing and superb performances all around. TV at its best!!!
  • Wow

    By jakdjjd
    My God this is perfect, don’t believe it is a Tv show
  • Not the original theme song

    By Moparbob7
    Not very happy that the original theme song was not used. Looks great
  • <3

    By Redbox--578
    Loved it!! Watched the entire thing !!
  • One of the best TV shows of all time!

    By GrilledOnion
    I have watched this multiple times and finally had to buy it. The writing for the characters, their personalities and episodes up even to the ending were all so well made/written. They are not afraid to dwell into the harsh realities of life. I could wright a quite a bit here about why I love house so much. It’s a must see, and you most likely will not be disappointed.
  • Great show - Great value box set!

    By evJames2069
    Terrific value as a complete box set!
  • One of the best shows ever!

    By M-SOB
    Such a great show full of action! I never get tired of watching it!
  • Fantastic in every, single, way.

    By AdamOz9090
    Funny, dark, relatable, intense. This show is everything bundled in one.