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  • Sherlock Holmes is Life

    By Person_of_unknown_nature
    Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman did a great job in this tv series. They brought these characters to life on the screen. Many wouldn’t have done so well.
  • Huge disappointment

    By t(h)inker
    The incredibly poor writing here in season four stands in such contrast with seasons one and two, it buggles the mind. If the show jumped the shark with season three, this is such utter nonsense, it offends. It leaves a rather bitter aftertaste. It made me wonder if even season one was really good, or if we were all merely bamboozled into collective Doyle nostalgia. Truly disappointing.
  • Excellent cast!

    By Zoe.RT
    Fantastic series! Patiently waiting for more!
  • Brilliant. A must-have

    By badwolfgirl2355
    This show is absolutely brilliant. The colour of the characters is a breath of fresh air for the Sherlock Holmes franchise, which has been around for over a century. Series Four is certainly a shining addition to "Sherlock". Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be proud.
  • not enough

    By boredumb
    Aside from the unfortunate sense that now someone has to be shot in each episode, it just feels like Moffat and Gatiss have run out of ways to twist, distort, and otherwise vandalise Doyle's universe...And they started out doing it so very well. But, if you are going to buy it, do it on Amazon - same price but a wealth of collateral material. Whatever happened to iTunes Essentials???
  • Where are the Extras?

    By Yesicat
    Disappointed to have to buy from Amazon because they offer the extra features and iTunes does not.
  • Back to Form

    By JakeRyan17
    Series three was a bit of a mixed bag, and far less continuitous than the previous two series. Series four brings us back out of the episodic mess of "The Sign of Three" and that series by utilising Amanda Abbinton for more than simple comedic relief and pays off the Moriarty cliffhanger in a way that respects what we've seen, teases a century of fan theories, and ups the stakes for the boys in Baker Street.
  • It is not perfect,but it completes beautifully

    By Load please
    It is always hard to complete a story. It is frustratingly hard to weave the threads together till the end. So many good dramas end up with a disappointing anti-climax closure. Hunger Games, for example. Or House. Or Divergent. The list goes on and on. So I was relieved. It is not perfect, it is flawed, but I love it just for what it is.
  • Awful

    By Raspapa
    I enjoyed the first two seasons immensely. That was some of the best television out there. Season three less so with the unnecessary addtion of "Mary". Season four is really awful. It took me three tries to get through the first episode. Two and three were no better. Painfully contrived plot lines, facile dialogue and a conclusion that was truly deus ex machina. Before this season I looked forward to the next addition. No more.
  • How do they keep getting better and better??!!!

    By Hmdgjeyrdth
    This whole season is far different from what we have seen in the past from Sherlock, as it focuses more on the characters rather then than cases, which some people don't like, but to those people I say c'mon guys, this is so much better than watching some random guy run around solving crimes! that is the version of Sherlock Holmes that people usually think of, but what makes this version so amazing, is that it's a real story with people, not just characters fom a comic book. I think season 4 was very important especially for fully understanding this version of the story plus what happened in Sherlocks childhood that could have possibly messed him up so bad! this season just got so much more deep and meaningfulI (I cried during the last episode which is something I almost never do watching television shows) and I felt like the show really needed that. Altogether loved this season and really hope there is a season 5 coming!!!!!!!!