By Harold Ramis

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 1980-07-18
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 38min
  • Director: Harold Ramis
  • Production Company: Orion Pictures
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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It's the snobs against the slobs! From the brilliant comic minds of director/writer Harold Ramis, writer Brian Doyle-Murray and superstar funnymen Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield and Bill Murray comes the hilarious cult hit Caddyshack. While caddying at a snooty country club, ambitious young Danny (Michael O'Keefe) goes for a college scholarship. But first he has to impress elitist Judge Smails (Ted Knight) and win the big golf tournament. Meanwhile, a crude construction tycoon goes to extremes to be accepted into the exclusive club, and a psychotic groundskeeper stalks a rampaging gopher. It all adds up to one of the greatest sports movies of all time and a highly quotable, unforgettably classic comedy.



  • Mrs. Crane, I’m looking at you...

    By broodingboy
    You wore green so you could hide.
  • Wow, Just Painful to Watch

    By jkeitz
    I didn’t remember anything about this except for the gopher, but everyone says it’s hilarious, so I got it to share with the family. First, I’m not against raunchy comedy, but there needs to be more to it. I think Used Cars is a classic! Raunchy comedy, completely un-PC, but with a great plot too. This movie is more like a series of loosely related (as in, taking place on a golf course) set pieces. Bill Murray’s mumbling performance is just embarrassing (although the shaped explosives are funny). Rodney Dangerfield was once considered funny? Boorish behavior has its place, but his is just cringeworthy. Then we get to the big caddy tournament, then it’s almost immediately over, then we shamble on looking for another purpose to continue. Ok, suddenly we have another big game, this time over a bet, but we don’t even know that until we’re in the game. Then it’s over, and the only memorable part is the gopher. How did these people manage to get it together just a few years later to make Ghostbusters? All I can say is if you have fond memories of this film, you were probably 16 and drunk when you saw it.
  • Garbage

    By Edgar Avila
    Absolutely no easier way to put. Movie is straight up boring. Only saving grace in this movie is Bill Murray
  • "A classic," they said...

    By Beerhauler
    "How have you not seen it?" they asked. This movie was idiotic. Yeah, okay, there's kind of a "plot" buried in there somewhere. Mostly it seems like a movie that was made by a bunch of 12 year old boys who said, "We should make a movie where we get to hang out at a golf course for a few days, and then go to a pool for a couple days, and then go to the beach for a couple days, and we'll push people into the water, and we'll hit them in the crotch with a golf ball, and it will be really funny, man!" Disjointed and stunnigly unfunny.
  • Great movie

    By dexicab
    A timeless classic with some of the most iconic movie moments
  • Classic!

    By Santz321
    Great movie
  • YASS!!!

    By BigWillieYT
    Best sport movie by FAR! I remember first watching it at age 12 when my dad wasn't home and my mom rented it for me and my friend without looking over it, and my dad gets home and is like WHAT?! 😂
  • Greatest movie

    By VinnyF98
    Absolutely Awsome
  • Classic

    By Xzxzxzcbcxvncfjddhebdnuxhsbend
  • Critics

    By Disney Bob
    Are they living on another planet? This is one of the greatest comedies out there.