By Jordan Peele

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release Date: 2022-07-22
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 2h 10min
  • Director: Jordan Peele
  • Production Company: Universal Pictures
  • Production Country: Japan, United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99
From 1,663 Ratings


Oscar®-winning filmmaker Jordan Peele reimagines the summer movie with Nope, an expansive pop epic of uncanny science fiction. Following their father's shocking death, Hollywood animal wrangler OJ (Daniel Kaluuya) and his sister Emerald (Keke Palmer) begin observing unexplained phenomena on their vast Southern California ranch that leads them down an obsessive rabbit hole as they plot attempts to capture the mystery on camera. Along with a former child star turned family theme park ringmaster (Steven Yeun) who neighbors the siblings, the pair's efforts to chase the spectacle soon bring terrifying consequences and unimaginable horror. The result is a complex social thriller that unpacks the seeds of violence, risk and opportunism that are inseparable from the romanticized history of the American West and from show business itself.



  • Yep

    By brukta
    You can do a lot with a little - and if you leave the need for fancy special fx and instead bring a curious mind, you'll enjoy this gripping yet quirky film. A Western meets Jaws meets a dash of Flash Gordon.. Good stuff.
  • Great movie!!

    By pixelink13
    Different to the usual formula, it’s mysterious & fun! that’s a ++ in my book!
  • The worst of Peele’s movies

    By themesiah77
    It’s slow and very anticlimactic.
  • Maybe 2022’s biggest Meme movie 😂

    By 16 HORSES
    You can’t really blame the disappointment the dialogue here was Idiosyncratic but Last I checked it was about the Horror which was nowhere near Psycho or the Exorcist but was visceral to a fault! Jordan Peele won’t win an Oscar like Get Out but Nope was good for it’s worth!
  • Such a waste!

    By Box of love
    One of the most boring movies I’ve seen in my life
  • Correcting bad opinions

    By SuperNovaHD300
    Saw a lot of 1 star reviews on here and figured I’d share my thoughts. This is for sure a movie to watch with no explanations going in. When I went to see this in theater I hadn’t even seen a trailer for it. It is now one of my favorite movies. It’s less horror and more mystery tension sci-fi with horror elements. It has the same cinematographer as interstellar which for me makes it worth watching just for that. It takes time with the first half of the movie but really gives you time with the characters as people. This makes the second half so much better. Aside from the amazing cinematography it has a great soundtrack and great story. It isn’t a perfect movie like it divides its story with another character that at first glance doesn’t have a lot to do with the story. HOWEVER. With very little effort you can figure out the links between the main story and side story. Which by the way, both are done very well so I don’t know why people are whining about it so much. Sure some people won’t like this movie but most of them are probably just want to be spoon-fed a generic story and hate having to “think” at all when it comes to the media they consume. Don’t let their crappy reviews turn you away from an amazing movie.
  • Just bad

    By Tpspr
    Just bad. Not scary. Not funny. Boring.
  • Something to think about.

    By Kittymi004
    This movie is not something that is shallow. There is more meaning to it than what you first see and the metaphor of exploitation is so well communicated in this film. The performances are excellent and the visuals are so gorgeous and disturbing. I have no idea how this got so much hate - it doesn’t deserve the hate.
  • Kinda Strange

    By CQ 20...
    A lot of the movie has me wondering what connection one thing has to another. A number of things happen that should have the folks in the movie telling one another what occurred and reacting to what has taken place, but no. In one scene a farm house gets covered with blood, but no one seems to notice, seem surprised and ask, what happened. Strange.
  • haters r my motivators

    By shivermetimberss
    easy 5 stars