Long Shot

Long Shot

By Jonathan Levine

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2019-05-03
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 2h 4min
  • Director: Jonathan Levine
  • Production Company: Good Universe
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 5.99
From 443 Ratings


Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen) is a gifted and free-spirited journalist with an affinity for trouble. Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron) is one of the most influential women in the world. Smart, sophisticated, and accomplished, she's a powerhouse diplomat with a talent for…well, mostly everything. The two have nothing in common, except that she was his babysitter and childhood crush. When Fred unexpectedly reconnects with Charlotte, he charms her with his self-deprecating humor and his memories of her youthful idealism. As she prepares to make a run for the Presidency, Charlotte impulsively hires Fred as her speechwriter, much to the dismay of her trusted advisors. A fish out of water on Charlotte's elite team, Fred is unprepared for her glamorous lifestyle in the limelight. However, sparks fly as their unmistakable chemistry leads to a round-the-world romance and a series of unexpected and dangerous incidents.




  • Was surprised

    By Rhea26
    It was really good!! My family loves it! Great actors with amazing chemistry!
  • Love it!

    By SkullDragger213
    Great positive message!
  • Pleasantly surprised

    By Mswally505
    Best movie I’ve ever seen? No! But it was entertaining and cute for the most part. It was a lot better than I expected and I laughed a few times too! Good rental
  • Terrible political movie

    By Pushba
    Who wants to watch a fake and unrealistic political movie? If you’re not sick of politics now wait in the next few months. It’s tacky to have a political movie released before the upcoming Presidential debates. You would be better off watching paint dry because it’s more productive then watching this movie.
  • You know it's had when only the drug-fueled scene is funny

    By michgro
    Trite, boring, sappy and a waste of talent. So much promise with quality cast and great reviews, feeling so betrayed by falling for it all. Yuck!
  • Cute for the film it is

    By K_Jay_
    There are some laugh out loud moments and the two leads are good together. It's not meant to be anything other than a 'long shot' so anyone taking political commentary or accuracy from it (or not, as some of the other reviews suggest) is viewing it through the wrong lens. It's just a bit of fun! And fun it is.
  • Just OK. More rom than com

    By Woody the Woodchuck
    The first half was funny but then this comedy turned into an archetypal romcom, which the emphasis on romance rather than comedy. Disappointing.
  • Pretty cool

    Cool movie. Hasn’t been done before. Just sit back enjoy. By the way, im a republican.
  • Wow. What a Surprise

    By rustywells108
    Both lead actors, all the supporting actors, the storyline and the writing were surpisingly great. I really enjoyed this!
  • Hilarious

    By SMP0426
    I see a lot of butthurt republicans didn’t like it. It’s a movie. A comedy. People need to calm down. It was funny, lighthearted and dirty. Good watch.