Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

By Scott Derrickson

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 2016-11-04
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 1h 55min
  • Director: Scott Derrickson
  • Production Company: Marvel Studios
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 2.99
From 12,398 Ratings


From Marvel comes Doctor Strange, the story of world-famous neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange, whose life changes forever after a horrific car accident robs him of the use of his hands. When traditional medicine fails him, he is forced to look for healing, and hope, in an unlikely place – a mysterious enclave known as Kamar-Taj. He quickly learns that this is not just a center for healing but also the front line of a battle against unseen dark forces bent on destroying our reality. Before long Strange – armed with newly acquired magical powers – is forced to choose whether to return to his old life or leave it all behind to defend the world as the most powerful sorcerer in existence.




  • It’s mediocre

    By I Wanna Minaj
    The movie’s plot was moderate and the special effects are spot-on. It’s alright. I don’t really like how it ends, i would’ve preferred a fight scene but I know marvel sometimes sticks to the comic. It’s a good introduction to doctor strange.
  • Dr. $+ephen $+r@nge

    By Jolovesgum
    D0c+0r $+r@nge !z +he 14+h m0v!e m@de by +he M@rvel C!nem@+!c Un!ver$e $+ud!0$. Eye w@+ched D0c+0r $+r@nge 3 +!me$. Eye w@+ched !+ 0n December 3, 2016 when !+ wuz !n +he@+er$ & 'g@!n 0n N0vember 18, 2018 0n Ne+fl!x, & n0w 2d@y 0n M@rch 23, 2019. Eye $+!ll l0ve D0c+0r $+r@nge. Eye w!ll w@+ch +he 15+h M@rvel f!lm nex+, wh!ch w!ll B Gu@rd!@n$ 0f +he G@l@xy V0l. 2.

    By MarvelMovieFan
    This film has been modified from it original aspect ratio. Rent this and you will NOT be seeing the whole film - the widescreen edges have been cropped off to make the film more square.
  • Super cool

    By 23551573574125414797258
    Man, the visual effects are so cool. Maybe the best fight scenes in a mcc movie ever. Good acting, Cumberbatch did a good job. Nice plot, it was interesting and unexpected. I have watched this many times and it never gets old. How do you make such a good movie? TEACH ME!
  • Brennan C.

    By MovieCritic779
    A satisfying, mind-blowing Marvel film.
  • Marvel has no wizards

    By Apspiderman09
    Doctor Strange is not a part of The Harry Potter and fantastic beast movies Doctor Strange is not a wizard marvel does that make wizards Doctor Strange is not a part of the Wizarding world of Harry Potter and fantastic Bast
  • Excellent

    By 1969tull
    Good movie
  • Saw it twice

    By Angel19935
    My mother who is 50, totally loves this movie. She is just watching all of them.
  • Amazing Marvel Outtake on Dr. Strange!

    By ShLooMz
    All around just another amazing Marvel movie - definitely among my Top 5 (Marvel movies) of all time. The cast is quite outstanding, so is the story line and special effects, etc. what more can you ask for??
  • Strangely...

    By Wheninrome91
    love this movie. Sequel soon?