Live Performance Agreement Contract

Live Performance Agreement Contract

Live Performance Agreement ContractWhat is live performance agreement contract? Even when someone is ready to make music more than a hobby, it can be difficult to see it as a business.

In casual situations, a simple handshake is enough to confirm a gig. However, this can leave both musician and client vulnerable when money is changing hands.

Miscommunications about your scheduled performance or refusals to fulfill the agreement can be difficult to prove if there’s no concrete evidence of the terms.

Which is why you should know exactly what a live performance agreement contract is as well as the ins and outs involved in the contract? The best way to protect everyone involved is to write up a live music performance contract.

In the same way an auto-body shop will make and present a contract before they perform any work, so must a musician create one before they play. While every situation is different, there are a few basic aspects which appear on most every contract.

The location, date, and time of the event must be confirmed by both parties. Agreeing to cost includes not only the amount owed, but also how and when it will be paid (ex: a deposit a month before the event).

What is expected of the performance should be outlined, including aspects such as necessary songs, minimum duration, and amount and length of breaks. If there are any further restrictions or requirements (ex: attire, language, royalties, or announcing the next performer), they must be listed.

It should also be decided what happens in case of cancellation, and the different consequences for a illness, or act of God. The forecast may say that you should expect clear sky’s but you all already know that does not mean it couldn’t suddenly snow or downpour without notice.

As an artist gains status or an event becomes more complex, the music performance contract must also grow to accommodate it. At this stage, it may be wise to contact a lawyer to draft the agreement.

This expanded contract may include permission to record or transmit the performance through pictures and/or audio recording.

If merchandise is allowed to be sold, how much of a cut the house receives must be settled. Festivals or traveling shows often need to consider lodging, dining, and transportation of musicians and crew.

With particularly large events, there are also the issues of royalties, licensing, security, permits, and insurance. If a musician has an agent, contracts may need to be drafted in addition to the one between band and venue.

This article on what a live music performance contract is should save you a lot of grief by giving you a way to guarantee that everyone is on the same page regarding your performance. A music performance contract is an invaluable tool for performers who want to make music a career and for a club, bar or client who wants a band at their next event.

When all expectations are laid out in full, both sides can be confident in what will happen before, during, and after a performance. With a few steps beforehand, everyone can relax and you can concentrate on performing a great concert for your music fans.

You can a lot of free live performance contract templates online. If you would rather have a lawyer write up the performance contract, search for music attorneys in your area.

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