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Jenn DeSantis is an eclectic theatric Rock pianist, songwriter, producer and singer. Her style is a mix of Tori Amos, Elton John, and Queen. vocals and unique piano, melodic structures catch the eyes of many top world musicians such as Cirque Du Soleil’s music director, Roger Hewett. At the age of 2, she would play the piano learning just by ear, singing at age 6, and writing her own songs starting at age 10. Writing started as a way to get her emotions out to an absolute passion.

In 8th grade, she sold her first 11 track album to fund raise for the Child Advocacy Center raising about 500 dollars. In high school, DeSantis sold her second CD to fund raise for Show Hope, an orphanage in China.

Among her many accomplishment she has also received a B.A in Music Industry with a minor in Audio Production. One of her professors has stated “her songwriting skills are so advanced for her age.” One well-known composer from Denmark, Mark Wind said, “She has a unique blend of different genres that work so incredibly well, I could pick her out of thousands of artists and that is a powerful trait.”

Currently she plays in upstate NY, an area focused on the rock scene. She is working on putting music into a few major upcoming films, recording a new EP, and performing for Music Is Art. She believes in giving the industry something really different yet catchy to a whole other level.

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