Inside Indie City RecordsGet the facts straight with answers to questions that you may have about Indie City Records digital music consignment for local artists.

We have taken the time to create this page so that you will be able to find answers to questions that we receive from local music artists like yourself. Although we make every effort to respond to email within 48 hours rather than have you wait, we provide answers to question you likely have below.

Click or tap on any question below to open it so that you can read its answer. We continually update our FAQs section so always check here first for answers to questions you have.

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We do not have a shoppable physical location but we are based in Michigan. A physical location may be possible in the future but for now we are thrilled to be one of music fans top picks for music/movie entertainment sites.

No, Our store is filled with every type of music imaginable. You can also rent or buy movies and TV shows from us as well.

We offer music consignment to local rap/hip hop music artists. Local means, you must live in the United States, not your friend or relative, you must live in the United States of America. You may find other (mainstream) rappers music in our store but it will not be available for direct download from our store. Only local music artists are allowed to sell their music as downloads within our store per their consignment agreement. Find the Consignment link within the navigation to read more and learn how you can get your music in our store.

*Update 12/2019 – At the start of 2020 we will begin offering music consignment to certain artists outside of the United States.

Artists are paid on a weekly basis, every Friday. There are instances when we will offer high performers daily payouts as well. Find the Consignment link within the navigation to read more and learn how you can get your music in our store.

Every time that you sell an album or single through Indie City Records you will be sent an email. The subject line of that email will be “Music Sold”. Within that email will be the name of the album that was purchased by your fan, the selling price and the commission amount that you made from the album sell. Feel free to keep these emails so that you can keep track of your payday total. If you are not receiving our “Music Sold” email your album is not selling, your album has been removed for violating our terms or you simply need to check the junk mail. If you find our email in your junk or bulk mail folder, add our email address to your contacts or safe sender list.

Because that is the rule for now. We may, in the future, open up music submission to select countries as we continue to grow. Your support will help us get there sooner than later.

*Update 12/2019 – At the start of 2020 we will begin offering music consignment to certain artists outside of the United States.

No we do not at this time. Beware of fakes and copies. We do not authorize any party to act upon our behalf. Companies/stores/individuals/other websites may try to emulate or copy what we are doing to help local independent music artists. Many wont have your best interest at heart so always be careful about who you align yourself with.

Find the Consignment link within the navigation to read more and learn how you can get your music in our store.

No there is No fee but just because you submit music to us does not mean that it will automatically become available via consignment submission.

We typically do not but we are willing to hear any ideas that you have, contact us. We do not convert artist’s music to Mp3 files either. There are programs that will convert your music for you if you do not already have one on your computer or smart device.

Please contact us by email using the information on our Contact page. All music that you send to us, you agree, must be free of any potential copyright violation/infringement.

We appreciate the fact that you only want to sell your music through our store. We do not require you to sell music with other retailers however, it is a good idea concerning your potential music fans. Your fans buy your music from different music retailers. More important, where they feel most comfortable. We are not here to disrupt the flow of great music. We are here to provide music fans with the music they are looking for or tell them where they can find it.

Yes we do. We listen to every song on your album and single that you send us.

There’s a line but it moves fast. Other reasons why your music hasn’t appeared in the store could be due to copyright issues, sound quality or we have chosen to pass on your music submission. Remember, we don’t have space for everyone and we can not put music in our store that won’t or has the possibility of not selling. Music fans expect us to present them with the best of the best music so you should be submitting your very best music. If you haven’t heard from us in 1 to 2 weeks after submitting your music we likely passed on the album for numerous reasons. Please review our music policies in this case but you are welcome to submit future albums or singles for consideration.

Yes there is but your music must be accepted first. We offer a service to artist who’s music really shows potential and has been accepted into our store. The service offers 3 business day music profile publishing instead of having to wait 1 to 2 weeks to be published into our store upon being accepted. This service requires a small fee. This service is not offered to every artist regardless to you being willing to pay the service fee. We reserve this service for artist and music that is simply phenomenal. If you and your music are chosen to take advantage of the service we will contact you by email.

Because of our partnerships and affiliations with various retailers including music retailers, just like a physical record store in your neighborhood, we are able to provide any music that customers desire or request that we make available. We do not accept payments for any music artist without a consignment agreement. Therefore, if you have found your music and you do not have a consignment agreement the links to purchase your music will send your music fans to outside retailers who are collecting commissions for you. You may fill out a consignment agreement with us if you want to collect commissions through our record store.

Yes but only your ability to collect download sells via Indie City Records will be affected. Your profile and links to other music sells websites will remain live and accessible to music fans.

If you have and can provide proof of clearance as well as permission to use said sample(s) at a moments notice then yes songs with samples are ok to submit.

If you do not have permission to use the samples in your music, do not submit your music to us. Do not submit music to us that uses other artist’s music that you do not have permission to use even if its for demonstration or you intend to provide it at no charge to music fans.

Do not submit your music to us. Instead search how to get music sample clearance in your browser or contact a music attorney.

You, the artist(s), representative of artist(s), company of artist(s) are responsible for settling copyright/royalty claims per our music policy, terms and conditions and consignment agreement.

You may submit 10 album per year to our store. Your album must be 10 to 18 songs. We will only sell 18 songs maximum. If your album has more than 18 tracks we will only sell the first 18 on the album.

Singles: you may submit up to 30 Singles per year.

Music that fans do not react to will be removed at our discretion.

A better question is why wouldn’t we have music industry connections?

Indie City Records host online and offline events in support of our store. Indie City Records is a fully operational music and movie store. We are an amazon associate and earn from qualifying purchases. We also require advertisers to pay a fee to appear in our store or at or to be a part of events that we host.

Consignment music artists are paid digitally via PayPal’s secure payment processing system. Please read our consignment agreement for more details.

We do not do blind interviews. You may contact us via our Contact page if you have questions that aren’t answered here or somewhere within our store.

No you do not. The consignment agreement allows us to sell your music with your permission and collect fees on your behalf that are paid directly to you. Please read our consignment agreement for more details.

Yes you can but you are responsible for paying anyone that has a right to be paid from your music sells via our store. We are not liable and you agree to this by submitting your music for consignment consideration.

We can not promise a date or time because your inclusion depends on submission response. For this reason and in order to make sure we are able to consider each and every music submission you will find that music submission will be closed during certain periods throughout the year while we get caught-up. If you haven’t heard from us in 1 to 2 weeks after submitting your music we likely passed on the album for numerous reasons. Please review our music policies in this case but you are welcome to submit future albums for consideration.

Yes, it is $3.00  – Once you reach this threshold you will be paid a commission – payments are sent on a weekly basis. If your music is not selling or continues to show low to no sells after 120 days we will either stop all download sells via our store or remove your music entirely to make way for other music artists. Please read our music consignment agreement for more detail.

No it is not. Some music fans knowing that we attempt to only provide the best music may take a chance and purchase your music but that is up to the many music fans that visit our store. Your music sells depend on how much you’re willing to back your music with advertising and promotion. If you are not willing to communicate via word of mouth, advertising or promotion that you have music for sell, you can expect low to no music sells/commissions. We help all that we can but we are not a record label with billions of dollars. We do run advertising campaigns for our store. We also get out and talk to people in person and through social media to let them know that our store has the best music available. We will definitely do what we can to help you.

We help all that we can. There is an “I” in Indie City Records but there is no “I” in Teamwork. You are also responsible for your own marketing/promotion. If your music has been chosen to be included within our store that is great but if you do not let music fans know where they can buy your music or about your music do not expect overwhelming sells. Remember, your advertising and promotion journey starts before you actually release your album not when you finally release your work.

Do You Have Additional Questions

If your question has not been answered here, use the Contact-Us link within the navigation to send us an email. We try to respond to email as quickly as possible but at times it may take up to four business days to hear back from us. We do not respond to email on the weekends or nationally recognized holidays. Be sure to check your bulk/junk mail folder if you have recently contacted us. Our response may be in this folder. If our response is found in your bulk/junk folder be sure to add-us to your contacts/favorites to prevent future communications from us from going into either of these email folders.